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Estimation of genetic parameters for milk traits in Romanian local sheep breed

Estimation of genetic parameters for milk traits in Romanian local sheep breed

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Estimation of genetic parameters for milk traits in Romanian local sheep breed. (2014). Revista MVZ Córdoba, 19(1), 4033-4040.

Pelmus RS
Pistol GC
Lazar C
Gras MA
Ghita E


Objective. Estimate the genetic parameters for milk traits in a Romanian local sheep population Teleorman Black Head. Material and methods. Records of 262 sheep belonging to 17 rams and 139 ewes were used in the study. The following traits were investigated: milk yield, fat yield, protein yield, fat percentage and protein percentage. The genetic parameters were estimated using the Restricted Maximum Likelihood method, with a model including maternal effects. Results. The results from our study revealed that direct heritability estimates were moderate for milk yield (0.449), fat yield (0.442), protein yield (0.386) while for protein percentage (0.708) and fat percentage (0.924) were high. The high direct and maternal genetic correlation was between milk yield and protein yield (0.979, 0.973) and between protein yield and fat yield (0.952, 0.913) while the phenotypic correlation between the milk yield and fat yield (0.968), the milk yield and protein yield (0.967), fat yield and protein yield (0.936) was high and positive. Conclusions. The genetic parameters are important in selection program on this breed for genetic improvement.

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