Environmental characterization of the reproductive season of migratory fish of the Sinú river (Córdoba, Colombia)


Eduardo Kerguelén-Durango
Víctor Atencio-García


Objective. To characterize some abiotic factors during the reproductive season of migratory fish (bocachico Prochilodus magdalenae, dorada Brycon sinuensis, bagre blanco Sorubim cuspicaudus and barbul Pimelodus blochii) in the Sinú River. Materials and methods. From April to October, 2008, in Carrizola (Tierralta, 36.31 km from the Urrá hydroelectric plant) factors such as flow=Qriver, daily flow difference =ΔQriver, velocity=Vriver, temperature=Triver, electrical conductivity=CE, total dissolved solids=STD, turbidity=Turb, cloudiness=Nub, rainfall=Pluv and solar brightness=Bs were measured daily three times/day (07:00 h, 12:00 h, 17:00 h). Also, on the same schedule, ichthyoplankton was collected as an indicator of reproductive activity, assessed by reproductive frequency (Fr=number of days with presence of ichthyoplankton/number of days in the period evaluated X 100) and larval density (Dl=larval/m3). Results. The daily values of Qriver ranged between 278.7 and 838.5 m3/s, ΔQriver between 0.0 and 100.7 m3/s, Vriver between 1.40 and 1.53 m/s, Pluv between 0.0 and 88.2 mm, Triver between 27.0 and 28.7°C, STD between 73.0 and 302.3 mg/L, Turb between 9.7 and 679.7 NTU, CE between 81.0 and 361.7 mS/cm, Bs between 0.0 and 11.2 hours, Nub between 2.0 and 7.3 octaves. The Fr was 30.4%, with April (40.0%) and May (74.2%) as the higher activity reproductive months, while the Dl in the season was 4.9 larvae/m3, with the larvae group other species (2.9 larvae/m3) and bocachico (1.8 larvae/m3) as the most abundant. Conclusions. Most reproductive activity was recorded early in the season (April and May) and parameters such as Qriver, Triver, Vriver, Pluv, STD and Nub may be considered final factors associated with migratory fish reproduction.

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