Establishing an in vitro production program for buffalo embryos (Bubalus bubalis) in Colombia


Felipe Gamarra P
Viviana Rendón V
Aldemar Chávez R
Leonardo Perez S
Walter Cardona-Maya
Jesús Berdugo G

Objective. Evaluate the results of the standardization of the in vitro production program of buffalo embryos, using oocytes obtained by ultrasound guided oocyte puncture during the 2012 breeding season in Colombia. Materials and methods. Fifty seven buffalo females were selected for ultrasound guided transvaginal aspiration of follicles, oocytes were identified within follicular fluid, classified and transported to the laboratory and matured in vitro for 18 to 20 hours. Frozen semen of seven Mediterranean bulls were used, motile sperm was obtained using the Percoll technique and oocytes were inseminated with 2 million sperm/ml. Presumptive zygotes were cultured for 6 days, grade 1 embryos obtained were frozen using ethylene glycol. Embryos were transferred to females on day 5 during natural cycle. Results. 97 aspirations were performed on the 57 animals, in 8.2% of the aspirations no oocytes were found. 8 oocytes/aspiration were obtained. Of the 783 oocytes, 92% were classified as viable (721/783) and were fertilized. The cleavage and blastocyst rate were 23% and 19% respectively. 37 embryos were transferred and 11 pregnancies were obtained, confirmed by rectal palpation 60 days after transfer, with a pregnancy rate of 29.7%. Conclusions. The results presented here are comparable with others in literature and shows the feasibility of producing in vitro embryos and pregnancies after the standardization of current protocols, with normal and sexed semen and transfer during natural cycle in buffalo.

Key words: Buffaloes, embryo, fertilization in vitro, reproduction (Source: MeSH).

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