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Closed reduction of humeral condylar fracture and elbow luxation in a dog

Closed reduction of humeral condylar fracture and elbow luxation in a dog

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Cardona R, S., Muñoz R L. C., & Silva M, R. F. (2015). Closed reduction of humeral condylar fracture and elbow luxation in a dog. Revista MVZ Córdoba, 20(3), 4815-4821.

Sebastián Cardona R
Luis Carlos Muñoz R
Raúl Fernando Silva M


Fractures of the distal humerus that involving the condyles often requires extensive surgical approach for treatment, leading to a prolonged recovery time. In a West Highland White Terrier dog two years old, with a fracture of the lateral humeral condyle portion and elbow luxation, was performed a closed technique for luxation reduction, fracture reduction was performed by digital pressure and percutaneous osteosynthesis by introduction of a Kirschner wire of 2 mm diameter, accompanied by Robert-Jones bandage modified for 6 weeks. Limb function was recovered in the immediate postoperative, the wire was removed six weeks after, non-was observed postoperative complications, and full functional recovery of the limb was clinically evident. This suggests that this technique could be an option in cases of condylar fractures in small-sized dogs.

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