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Fribrinolytic activity and gas production by Pleurotus ostreatus-IE8 and Fomes fomentarius - EUM1 in bagasse cane

Fribrinolytic activity and gas production by Pleurotus ostreatus-IE8 and Fomes fomentarius - EUM1 in bagasse cane

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Sánchez-Santillán P., Meneses-Mayo, M., Miranda-Romero, L., Santellano-Estrada, E., & Alarcón-Zúñiga B. (2015). Fribrinolytic activity and gas production by Pleurotus ostreatus-IE8 and Fomes fomentarius - EUM1 in bagasse cane. Revista MVZ Córdoba, 20(supl), 4907-4916.

Paulino Sánchez-Santillán
Marcos Meneses-Mayo
Luis Miranda-Romero
Eduardo Santellano-Estrada
Baldomero Alarcón-Zúñiga


Objective. To characterize the fibrolytic enzymatic activity of Pleurotus ostreatus-IE8 and Fomes fomentarius-EUM1 in sugarcane bagasse (BCA); to evaluation of the kinetics of in vitro production of BCA treated by solid fermentation (FS), crude enzyme extract (ECE) of P. ostreatus-IE8 and Fibrozyme®. Materials and methods. In fungi measured radial growth rate ( Vcr ) and biomass production in two culture media (with or without nitrogen source); activity of xylanases, cellulases and FS on BCA at 0, 7 and 15 d. The chemical analysis and kinetic analysis of in vitro gas production in 4 treatments (ECE adding enzymes obtained from the direct addition FS or FS ), witness (Fibrozyme®) and a control without addition and analyzed by a was completely randomized design. Results. Xylanases (7 d ) showed 6.32 and 5.50 UI g-1 initial substrate dry weight (SSi) for fungi P. ostreatus-IE8 and F. fomentarius-EUM1 , respectively ; P. ostreatus-IE8 scored higher activity of laccases (10.65 g -1 UI SSi) and F. fomentarius-EUM1 (1.90 UI g-1 SSi) cellulases. The ECE of P. ostreatus-IE8 and commercial enzyme did not differences (p>0.05). In the chemical composition or the gas production kinetics. The 4 treatments evaluated decreased values of the variables measured in the kinetics of gas production compared to the control (p≤0.05). Conclusions. The ECE of P. ostreatus-IE8 was similar to commercial enzyme degradation in vitro, so it is feasible to use pre-digest high fiber products.

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